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Depends on QATools\QATools\PageObject.

According to BEM methodology ( the following restrictions apply:

  1. there can’t be nested blocks
  2. each element must be placed within a block

But single HTML node (or it’s element) can be within different blocks at same time.

Class Overview

Elements (namespace: \QATools\QATools\BEM\Element)

Name Description
Element Represents a single element on a page, that must be placed within a Block.
Block Base class for creating dedicated classes, that will encapsulate associated elements on a page.

Annotation Overview

Name Description
@bem Unified annotation for both Block and Element.


  1. create a subclass from \QATools\QATools\BEM\Element\Block class to for each block on a page
  2. add class properties, that have \QATools\QATools\BEM\Element\Element in their @var annotation for each individual element in each block (or alternatively use $this->getElements method in the Block class)
  3. create subclass from \QATools\QATools\BEM\BEMPage class
  4. add class property with previously created block subclass name in it’s @var annotation for each individual block

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