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Depends on \QATools\QATools\PageObject.

Solution of the major problem with PageObject implementation (that original library had) - each element had all methods and even ones, that have no effect on element itself. For example a setValue method existed for a H1 tag.

Class Overview

Elements (namespace: \QATools\QATools\HtmlElements\Element)

Name Description
AbstractTypifiedElement Base class for all other elements in this library, that wraps around WebElement and only exposes methods, that are common for all elements.
AbstractTypifiedElementCollection Base class for all other elements in this library, that operate on a group of typified elements.
AbstractElementContainer Base class for creating dedicated classes, that will encapsulate associated elements on a page (typified version of \QATools\QATools\PageObject\AbstractElementContainer class).
LabeledElement Element, that has associated LABEL element on a page (e.g. radio button or a checkbox).
Form Form.
Checkbox Checkbox.
Link Link.
RadioGroup Group of radio buttons (extends AbstractTypifiedElementCollection).
RadioButton Single radio button.
Select Dropdown.
TextBlock Div or span.
TextInput Text box or text area.
FileInput Single file upload.
Button Button.


Name Description
\QATools\QATools\HtmlElements\TypifiedPage Base class for creating dedicated classes for each of website pages, that needs to be tested.

Annotation Overview

Name Description
@name Sets optional element name to be used instead of ClassName in error messages (e.g. when element was not found on a page).


  1. create subclass from \QATools\QATools\HtmlElements\TypifiedPage class
  2. add class properties, that have any element class from described above in their @var annotation
  3. create public method, that would use properties defined before

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